Podunes Shuffle

Podunes Shuffle 2.0

Control iTunes from your iPod Shuffle


  • Handy for flipping through your iTunes collection
  • Customisable colours


  • Limited functionality

Not bad

Personally I'm not a massive fan of the iPod Shuffle because I don't like the fact it has no interface or menus. However, plenty of people are in love with the teeny device and if you're one of them then this dashboard widget is the one for you. Despite the rather misleading description, Podunes Shuffle doesn't let you physically control iTunes from your Shuffle, but rather it displays a graphical representation of the device and lets you flip through your iTunes music collection in the same way you would on the player itself.

I like the way you can customise the player display in all the original Shuffle colours and it's a handy tool for anyone who can't be bothered to goin and out of iTunes to change songs. I may get shot for saying this but I think this app is better for girls, as they seem to be the only people I know who have Shuffles (all pink, of course).

With Podunes shuffle you can control iTunes with the interface of the pretty cool iPod Shuffle. The iPod Shuffle is distinguished by the fact that you can shuffle your music with just one turnover of a switcher. Podunes Shuffle has the same feature.

Switch to the backside and be curious about the next title iTunes has ready for you. You also can choose out of the five original colors the iPod shuffle comes in and if you want your widget to be shown with headphones or not.

Podunes Shuffle


Podunes Shuffle 2.0

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